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World GDP

Last update: 2019.07.29

At the end of 2018, the world’s GDP stood at $85,790 billion. The largest economies amongst them are located in North America, Europe and East Asia, representing 80% of world GDP.

Note that all GDP figures used on this page are calculated on a nominal USD ($) basis, meaning that GDP in foreign currencies were converted using the official domestic to USD exchange rate which existed at the time.

Data collected from World Bank.

Economies around the world can be split into two camps: advanced (developed) and emerging (developing) economies.

The largest advanced economies today (end of 2018) include the United States (24.4% of world GDP), Japan (5.9%), Germany (4.8%) and the UK (3.4%). The largest emerging economies include China (16.2%), India (3.2%), Brazil (2.2%) and Russia (2.0%).

Together, these 8 economies represent 62.2% of world GDP. These economies can therefore be used as a barometer to judge how the world economy is likely to perform in the future.