At PxStrat, we pride ourselves with the following values:


High-quality products form the cornerstone of PxStrat. An unfortunate consequence of the information age is the plethora of questionable data and research circulated around the world today. This arises due to bad validation procedures, in-consistent data collection methods, and an over-emphasis on getting it done instead of getting it right.

At PxStrat, we are committed to providing data sets and research to our clients of the highest quality. We achieve this through a number of ways, including thorough data checks, adequate sample sizing and academic-styled referencing. Additionally, we conduct in-field testing of all products through our proprietary trading operations before releasing them to our clients.


A business that sells their products without using the products themselves does not have “skin in the game”. These days, it is very easy to fabricate a data-set and falsely market it as “high-quality” by all kinds of mischievous practices. This, however, is where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors; PxStrat came about because we needed accessible data-sets for our trading strategy developments. Only afterwards did we consider to bring this value to other hedge funds and traders as well.

For us, this is having “skin in the game”, because we use the very same products we sell to our clients to push our own trading strategies forward. Our motivation is to help other hedge funds and professional traders at improving their own trading; either through the use of high-quality data-sets to drive their own strategies, or through research papers that will hopefully generate ideas on how to approach financial markets.

Continuous Learning

At PxStrat, we want to help professional traders and hedge funds better navigate the financial landscapes. Our business is driven through our natural curiosity to financial markets, and our desire to continuously educate ourselves, and more importantly, our clients, on the nature of financial trading.

Financial trading is an intellectually rewarding profession; yet it is also an incredibly treacherous endeavor. We’ve learned, through experience, that the fast-changing nature of this industry mandates a measure of humility and perseverance. Success in trading requires an intrinsic drive for continuous improvement, the humility to admit when erroneous conclusions were made, and an open and critical mind in regards to the shifting landscapes of the industry.