Our Mission

Our products and operations

Historical Price Data

Continuous and validated price-volume data suitable for financial research and backtesting trading strategies.


High-quality research covering various asset classes and the latest industry developments.

Proprietary Trading

A fully automated proprietary trading fund, employing multiple trading strategies using our data and research.

Our philosophy

At PxStrat, we fundamentally believe that to succeed in financial trading, one needs to continually adapt oneself to the latest trading conditions of the industry. Through our Historical Price Data and Research, we help hedge funds and professional traders stay ahead of the latest industry developments.

About our logo

PxStrat, short for “Phoenix Strategies”, was built around our underlying philosophy of change. In the Greek mythology, the phoenix was a bird which would undergo rebirth upon its death, and hence symbolises the idea of constant transformation.

Financial markets are in a constant change of flux; after all, at its most fundamental level, the purpose of financial markets is to accommodate changing levels of demand or supply. For traders though, this continuous evolution of the market unfortunately results in the erosion of previously successful trading strategies.

The perpetual evolution of financial markets therefore dictates the need to constantly refine previous practices in order to continue delivering risk-adjusted returns. Hence the idea of the Phoenix Strategies, or PxStrat; the only trading strategies that succeed are those which continuously adapt themselves to the latest trends of the industry.